Carbon Edge Repair

In 2010, we began producing all of our foils without gelcoat on the trailing edge. By removing the gelcoat, it meant that we could build the carbon fibres right into the fine trailing edge; resulting in a tougher and stiffer trailing edge.

The only down side is that the days of simply sticking some filler bog in your damaged edge is over. Sure, you can still do this with the same result, but who wants a dirty bog blotch on their beautiful carbon finish? Not to mention that the bog is now much weaker than the surrounding carbon.

So how do you repair these edges? The answer is with carbon, and we'd like to share the process with you.

Please not that these are NOT a full instructional videos and have been put together as a demonstration for people with good wet laminate experience. If this is not you, then you should take your repair to your Goodall dealer.


Part 1: Preparing

Always take your time preparing your work. This will save you time and heartache later on when finishing.



Part 2: Laminating

This demonstration in not an instructional on mixing or applying epoxy. This is assumed knowledge. The video will demonstrate the method in which we use to lay the carbon onto the damaged region and rebuild the edge.



Part 3: Finishing

The finishing process will take time and patience. Should you sand or grind too much material out, or not put enough down in part 2, you will have to repeat the laminate step to build up the required thickness.