Our Boats

All new Goodall Design catamarans arrive from the factory ready to race. There is no drilling or riveting to add “racing features”, nor is there running lines through beams. But most importantly, there is no difference between what you receive and what our sailing team use week in and week out to win championships.

From the box, ready to race

Your boat is the result of more than 35 years' design experience and many decades of catamaran racing at the highest level. It is our commitment to bring to you the fastest, best quality boats possible. Our boats that are the whole package, they will arrive ready to race, with the same systems and gear that the world champions use to win.

Pure excellence breeds pure enjoyment

We want you to enjoy sailing as much as we do and through active support and training programs, we are sure your questions will never go un-answered. With Goodall Design, you know the guys that designed, engineered and built your boat.


Goodall C2           Goodall VIPER