Pierre Le Clainche & Antoine Joubert (FRA)

Full report here - Wonderful Season

Antoine and I have sailed together for a while on different boats, projects and professional teams. We spent a lot of time training in Brittany on Formula 18. That is why, in 2016, we decided to come back with the aim of sailing the famous St Barth CataCup.

We trained hard during many years in many (cold and windy) places on different F18 boats. When we had to choose a new boat to prepare for the 2016 season we naturally opted for the C2 for it’s performance and versatility in whatever the sea and wind conditions.


Greg Brothers (VIPER Canada)

This is my first season as a VIPER owner and I have to say I totally love my VIPER!!! The single line spinnaker system* is brilliantly simple. The boat is light and responsive. My VIPER has turned into an amusement ride for our club of predominately mono hulls and I still have a ridiculously long list of people waiting for a sail.

*Single line system is not standard, but can be ordered/setup on any viper.

Mikko Räisänen (C2 FIN)

Dear Brett,

I must write to you after my experience of the new C2 and your Belgium dealer, Laurent. I have been racing since 1978. I have had so many racing boats that I can’t count. I have also met plenty of different kind of dealers.

First about the boat. It was in factory settings when I went out for training with the crew (which Laurent had arranged for me). We decided not to bother ourselves with fine-tuning the boat. We made only little adjustments to the boat after 2 training sessions. After that we went on racing, for two days with light/medium air. We came third.

I must say – I have never had so great and fast boat. I have never have had so little boat work with a new boat than with my new wonderful C2. 

About Laurent: I have never have had such a wonderful, helpful, professional dealer like Laurent is. He´s just a wonderful pro.

At this point I must thank you and Laurent for the wonderful work.

Best Regards


Carl Brown (VIPER AUS 288)

Dear Greg and Brett,

After last weekend's sailing I just had to write and say thank you for designing and building such a fantastic boat. I have sailed quite a few cats in my time and this would have to be the best 2-person cat I have sailed. It is so well balanced, well behaved, responsive, a joy to tack and can still exhilarate without terrifying. Every sailor I have taken out wants one immediately; I have found there are 2 types of cat sailors, those that sail Vipers and those that wish they did. Caitlin stated, after our last race of the other competitors, "man they were all looking at us with I wish that were me eyes." We will never win a National, state or regionals but we always look forward to each sail and the memory of the event carries us through the working  week.  Each weekend we sail (unfortunately not reguluarly) we usually end up with passer-bys stopping to check out the boat and have a chat.

I actually have a small queue of club members waiting for a sail now (well I did promise).


We are now starting to win a few mixed club events on yardstick, (but who cares as long as we look good and have fun doing it).  Also, as a practicing artist, I have to say the boat is a work of art visually. You have done an amazing job working a very functional machine into such an aesthetically pleasing form. I mean it even looks fast on the trailer.

Thanks again guys, can't wait for the weekend.

Roxanne Dodds

South African Roxanne Dodds shares her experience of the C2 when she was a last minute fill in at the 2014 Australian F18 Championships.


Robbie Lovig

After a few days on the C2, hear what Robbie Lovig has to say about the boat.


Todd Riccardi (USA316)

I've owned and raced a C2 for 2 years now. After having owned a Nacra Infusion and Hobie Wildcat, I found the C2 to be the best all around boat for me and my crew. I firmly believe that the C2 is the best all around boat in quality and speed. When you factor in the hands-down best dealer service in the U.S, it was the best decision I have made in my F18 sailing.

Prior to the C2 we were usually around 20 to 30 at the U.S. Nationals. Since buying the C2 I have placed 5th at U.S. Nationals, two top 10 finishes at the internationally competitive St. Barth Catacup, gold fleet at worlds, and numerous top finishes at regattas throughout the U.S.

Darren Flanagan


Jeremy Brookes