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Windsport International , specialist in catamaran sailing, coaching, sales and technical support “IT IS WHAT WE DO”.

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United Kingdom

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Brian Phipps
Tom Phipps

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The Windsport team of Brian and Tom Phipps provide two generations of high performance catamaran sailing experience from club racing to Olympic squad training. Performance catamaran Sailing is a passion as much as a business for this Windsport team, sales, coaching and technical support provide a complete package from a team with a vast catamaran experience based alongside a superb sailing location with demonstration boats and technical support at their finger tips.
Share your catamaran plans with the Windsport team and we will help turn them into a reality.


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+44 (0)1326 376 191


Mylor Harbour
TR11 5UF


Local Sailing Information:

For detail on events and F16- Viper and F18 racing in the UK visit  or  or just contact us @ Windsport