Ambassador Agent Search (EUROPE)

Goodall Design are searching for active, committed and passionate sailors to join their team as Ambassador Agents. As an Ambassador Agent you will have the opportunity to work with the Goodall Design sales team to build and support the sailing market in your area.

So how is this different to being a dealer?

At Goodall Design, we are very proud of our dealer network. While we don’t have a dealer in every corner, we feel our current European dealers offer great support and technical know-how to customers.

To be a dealer of this level requires a high level of technical and engineering knowledge as well as infrastructure and personal, full time, investment.

As an Ambassador Agent you will learn directly from Goodall Design technical representatives so you can offer the best product support to your customers. With mentoring and assistance from Goodall Design you will become a knowledgeable representative who will take responsibility for sales and promotion in your area.

Expressions of interest are now being taken. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to take the next step.