New for 2015

Goodall Design is a company that always aims to offer the best boats with latest technology and highly developed features. We are always gathering feedback to inject new ideas and development into our product.


This year we have seen a number of new sailors from around the world testing, competing and providing new feedback and ideas.

These ideas and the progression updates from the design department are what keep Goodall Design at the leading edge of the industry. We are now excited to announce what’s new for 2015!!


All Models

  1. Jib Batten Sets.
  2. Tack line.


  1. C2 Hull.
  2. Gybing Centerboards.
  3. Rudder Stock.
  4. Jib Update.

All Models

Jib Batten Sets

After feedback from Glenn Ashby at the F18 World Championships, we have designed a second jib batten set for the windier condition. The Bundock/Ashby team actually had a number of batten sets for varying conditions.

In 2015 we will be offering stiffer jib battens to reduce jib “round”, assist in twist and reduce upwind drag in windier conditions.

The batten set will consist of all 3 battens and pricing will be available from dealers in the early part of 2015. All new jibs will be built with a new batten pocket system to facilitate ease of swapping battens.

See above the batten pocket opening in the jib luff and an example of heave and standard batten... notice the colour coded pull tabs (orange for C2 pink for viper)

Tack line

All new boats will be supplied with a new tack line system that drastically reduces friction. Brett Goodall has been experimenting and testing the system for some time now to ensure its reliability.

The tack line now runs externally to the pole and includes in integrated twin tail bungee.A starboard spinnaker pole support is required to ensure pole stability. A 2.5mm Dyneema line comes ready spliced on the spinnaker pole and is tied off to the front starboard chainplate.


C2 Hull Production

Due to ongoing supply issues of C2 hulls, we have made the decision to shift hull production to our Thailand production facility. This is the same company that produces our foils and our VIPER hulls, they maintain a very strict production and delivery schedule.

Goodall Design is a company that always aims to offer the best boats with latest technology, so we used this as an opportunity to look at the best building process available at the moment. This resulted in new tooling and moving to the latest vacuum infusion build method with vinyl ester resin.

Our new C2 tooling is the highest quality and most expensive mold we have ever commissioned. We have invested in this because we believe in the future of the f18 class and the superiority of the C2 design. Our new mold set will ensure we deliver the highest build accuracy and constancy of any manufacture.

We have used this Re-tooling as an opportunity to make a small cosmetic change to the bow profile.

This step forward in Vacuum infusion is not only safer for the environment but also produces higher quality products and increases repeatability of these products.

These hulls will be interchangeable onto all current platforms. Should sailors ever damage a pre-2015 hull they will be able to replace it with a new one without any problems at all.

Gybing Centerboards

The gybing angles of the centerboards on the C2 have been refined to better accommodate the longer dagger boards that where updated and supplied as standard from 2012.

This modification will decreased drag on the windward dagger board and give crews a higher effective righting moment that we believe will result in higher acceleration and speed.

Rudder Stock

2015 C2s will see a new, stiffer rudder stock supplied. This single piece unit is fractionally lighter than the previous cast stock and significantly stiffer, making it a much better long term product.


Jib Update

The 2015 C2 jib will see a small update in addition to interchangeable jib battens. This jib design was used by the Ashby/Goodall team at the F18 World championships in Ireland this year. The flatter entry has the jib sit much better and result in less drag.

 “We tested both jibs in the lead up to the Worlds (the 2014 and the new 2015) and the 2015 was significantly better. So this is what we used during the event” Glenn Ashby.