Ashby joins the Goodall camp

Goodall Design would like to welcome back Glenn Ashby to the sailing team. This year, we will see Glenn team up with Brett Goodall on a brand new C2 for the F18 World Championships in Ireland.

“Our families have been friends since before we were born and I’ve always wanted to get back on a boat with Glenny,” said Brett, “the World Championships in Ireland seemed like a great chance to do this so I made the call and Glenn liked the idea”

What many people don’t know is that Glenn actually started his sailing career under the eye of Greg Goodall, right here in Bendigo.

After beginning his Sail Making apprenticeship at Goodall’s, Greg offered Glenn the opportunity to sail an AusCat at the 1999 AClass World Championships in Spain - this was the first of the 9 Aclass world championships that Glenn has won.

“Brett called, and with an opening in my schedule, it seemed like a great opportunity to get back into the F18 fleet on a top boat,” said Ashby, who has won three F18 world championships as crew.

“Our brand new C2 will only arrive in Ireland a week before the event, but I know the boats are very fast from the box, so I’m confident we’ll be quick,” Said Goodall who finished 5th last year with Jason Waterhouse.

“The F18 fleet is always tough but both guys are competitive and very professional about what they do. With a new C2 underneath them, I think they will give the rest of the fleet a shakeup,” says Goodall Director Greg Goodall. “… They could be tough to beat”

The Formula 18 World Championships begin at Ballyholme Yacht Club on the 4th July.

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