Belgian Boatshow

Last weekend, our newest dealers were showing the C2 and VIPER at the Belgian Boat Show in Gent. See what Laurent had to say about the reception:

“Some of the Belgian sailors already knew of these super-fast boats and were happy to have such a committed local dealer now close to the Belgian coast in Knokke who can also guarantee a perfect service.

For some other sailors, the VIPER and C2 were two complete new boats. Either way, one thing is for sure, everyone was impressed by the beauty of the boats; their fast look, how easy they seem to be sailed and so on.

The question we heard the most during the boat show was; "can you please help us to get our current boat sold so that we can switch as soon as possible to a Goodall Design brand boat?”

This is great news for the sailors of Belgium and we hope this supply of second hand boats will help grow the spot of sailing on the Belgium cost.

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