C2 chasing its 4th

This weekend the Goodall Design C2 will be competing for its 4th Australian National Championship with as many different crews.

After building the boat on the beach the day before, Steve Brewin and Jack Benson won the 2010 F18 Australian Championships in Geelong, and the next year Greg and Brett Goodall took the title in NSW.

Last year, Jason Waterhouse and Brett Goodall were crowned champions after taking it to the heavy boys in the windy conditions, on Mannering Lake.

After a 5th place at the 2013 F18 World Championships, the boys hoped to go back-to-back this year on the C2 at Frankston, but Waterhouse had a last minute clash with his Olympic schedule.

“I’m devastated that I had to pull out, I love getting on the C2 and racing hard” says Waterhouse.

Current Hobie Tiger World Champion, Robbie Lovig, has stepped up to the challenge to replace Waterhouse on the back of the C2.

“I’ve known Robbie since we were 17 and I know he can get a boat around the course,” says Goodall. “I gave him a call and he jumped at the chance to get on the C2.”

“Until last weekend we’d never sailed together, so there was a little bit of team work and timing to sort out,” Says Lovig, who had never stepped on a C2

“…But the boat - it's a weapon, so responsive in every way… and all the systems, stuff just works.”

“We have both been around the block, so to speak, and we know what we have to do to get on the podium,” says Goodall.

The National Championships begin in Frankston on Thursday the 23rd January and run until Monday the 27th.

See the Australian F18 website for more information.