Goodall Design

Effective immediately, AHPC/Goodall Sails will be trading as Goodall Design. Customers can expect the same great commitment to high performance and helpful service as before, but now all under a single, clean new brand.

"Even though we refer to this as a “new” brand, it is more a return to the roots of where we originated,” Says Brett Goodall.

Greg began designing and redesigning boats from the age of 17, when he built his first moth. From there it was into mosquitos, a relatively closed design class and then into the free world of A-class in 1978.

“Goodall Design, with the new logo, is much more representative of whom we are and the values we embody,” Says Greg Goodall.

The new branding comes off the back of a very long and detailed investigation into the Goodall business; in which the core values of the business where distinguished.

“There were a number of breakdowns where the old branding just did not work,” Says Brett.

“Essentially it didn’t reflect the technical precision that customers have come to love from our products and we were looking for something to better reflect our core values,” Says Brett.

The Goodall Design product line will be branded with highly-visual branding and the tops of all sails will now be sporting the “Flying G” logo.

 “We are excited about this shift and I think the energy from the project will be transferred through us, to our dealers, and ultimately to our customers”.

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