New for 2014

In an ongoing effort to make sure we have the best product available, we are implementing a few upgrades for 2014 boats. Although many of these will have little performance gain, they all increase the overall quality and longevity of our boats.

 Upgrades are:

  1. Rudder stock
  2. Alloy mast base
  3. Trampoline Eyes
  4. EVA Upgrade on the C2
  5. Soft Shackle upgrades
  6. Adjustable trapeze upgrade

Ruder Stock

In late 2012, our casting supplier informed us that the cost of production would be increasing greatly. So we began investigating alternative production methods to build our rudders stocks.

In mid 2013, we finalized a design for the “new” rudders stock that is built from rolled aluminum box section.

This solution is fractionally lighter that the previous cast stock and significantly stiffer, making it a much better long term product.

The new system has the exact same rudder locking mechanism and crossbar attachment (that was updated to the pin system last year).

This design will be on all new VIPERS and will be on all C2s from next year - once we have concluded long-term, high load testing.

Any current VIPER sailor can update their boat to this product; however, they will have to raise their top rudder gudgeon as high as possible.

Alloy Mast Base

In all our products we try to minimize the contact between dissimilar metals to avoid electrolysis or galvanic corrosion. In the case of our stainless steel mast bases, we have noticed that a small amount of electrolysis has been taking place between the base and the mast section. We have taken the step to produce all mast bases now from high grade structural aluminum.

The attachment to the mast has also been redesigned so that the base is simply held in place with the diamond tension.


Trampoline Eyes

We have seen some damage to trampolines over the years due to incorrect use and set up of bungee pass-through.

In an attempt to decrease this we will be replacing the following cutouts with lined eyelets/kringles.

  1.        Spinnaker halyard take-ups – ant the rear of the tramp there are 2 cutouts where the halyard bungees pass through the tramp. This cutout will be replaced with eyelets.
  2.        Spinnaker retrieval location – the block and cutout that is now in place for the spinnaker retrieval will be replaced with a single heavy duty kringle.
  3.        Cunningham pass-through – the cutout at the front of the tramp where the Cunningham passed through will be replaced with a kringle.

The updates will have no overall effect on the boats performance.

EVA Upgrade

The EVA product that we have been using on the VIPER is proving to be a better and more durable product; as a result, all new C2s will be delivered with this EVA Deck. Kits are also available if you would like to upgrade.

Soft Shackle Upgrade

After seeing many sailors modify their own boats, we begun looking into supplying soft shackles as standard equipment.

After testing a number of lines, splices and knots we settled on a soft shackle that will now replace rope loops at the tack and clew on the mainsail.

Water Jet Cut Fittings

As you have seen, many of our stainless fittings are custom made to meet the demands we put on them as catamaran sailors.

In an ongoing effort to lower costs and improve finish and quality, we have shifted the majority of our stainless cutting from laser to water jet. This decreases the “Heat Affected Zone” and in turn, increases the material's ability to withstand corrosion and staining.

This step also goes with our re-design of many of our fittings to eliminate any welds for the same reason.

Adjustable Trapeze Upgrade

Our adjustable trapeze options have been given a much needed upgrade. Our old system was fundamentally good, except for the large and clucky steel double block in the middle.

After working on a few solutions, we have replaced this with a ferrule supplied by Harken. This super simple setup is light, reliable and increases adjustment size of the system.

Adjustable trapeze systems are available on all our boats and can be purchased through your Goodall Design dealer.