Foiling VIPER

We are very happy and proud to present you the Foiling VIPER and Foiling VIPER convertible!

We have managed to make our VIPER foil, and first testing shows easy, stable and fast foiling, both up and down wind! Have a look at our pictures and videos to see it yourself. Keep an eye on our social media channels as well to stay updated and discover more about this beautiful boat.

You want to buy a boat to go foiling or sailing? Single or double handed? Recreational sailing or participate in F16 fleet? All choices you don't have to bother about anymore with our Foiling VIPER convertible. Our boat can do it all! We have made the first catamaran that can both foil properly and sail fast, even within class events. The Foiling VIPER is the most versatile catamaran available on the market. If you don't like to limit your options, this is the boat for you!

Switching between floating and foiling mode can be done quick and without any tools in less than a minute!

For the foiling setup, the Z foils are positioned in front of the sidestays, just behind the main beam. The foils come out of the hull not in the center of the bottom of the hull, but a little on the side, which allows better foiling performance! The rake of the foils is easy to control with a belt-system, like most Acat’s are using nowadays. The T rudders have a removable elevator on the bottom and the rudder stock is a carbon cassette that holds the rudder tight with clamps.

With the Foiling VIPER, you can sail in any mode you want: foilingfloating.

Our famous VIPER hulls will be available in different options:

Classic VIPER with standard straight centerboard cases for pure fast sailing in floating mode
Foiling VIPER convertible with straight centerboard cases AND centerboard cases for foils

Why have we chosen for a foiling VIPER convertible with two types of cases? Because we don’t want to make any compromises!

The straight centerboard case stays at the exact same spot as it was in the past, and gives you perfect performance and balance in F16 and floating VIPER mode. When sailing in floating mode, perfectly fitting plates will make sure the foiling case is closed and the hull keeps his hydrodynamic quality. When in foiling mode, the off center foiling case, which is located more to the front of the hull, offers all the benefits the platform and Z foils needs to easily put the VIPER above water surface and go fast, very very fast! Both configurations can be sailed without having one option compromising the other. It gives you the best of both worlds!

We already have 2 foiling VIPER (1 convertible) ready to sail/foil, 1 in Australia and 1 in Europe.

Production of the next batch of foiling VIPERs convertible is running and first deliveries are planned in April/May.

The pricing of the Foiling VIPER and Foiling VIPER convertible will be (ex VAT and ex factory):

Foiling VIPER: 23.950€
The foiling VIPER will come with Z boards and T rudders and foiling centercases. It comes equipped with a decksweeper and foiling spinnaker. The foiling VIPER is not built and equipped to be sailed in floating mode.

Foiling VIPER convertible: 26.950€
The foiling VIPER convertible is an all-inclusive package! It will come with Z boards, T rudders and both classic and foiling centercases. On top of the foiling features, you will also get an additional package included to be able to sail the VIPER in class legal F16 floating mode. This package will include straight centerboards, plates to close case not in use, second spinnaker for floating mode and a kit for the rudders. The Foiling VIPER convertible can be equipped with a decksweeper (non F16 class legal) or the regular mainsail (F16 class legal).

Don’t hesitate too long to get your hands on one of the first foiling VIPERs and foiling VIPERs convertible! Deliveries will come at a first come first serve base!
Contact your dealer or us for more information about ordering yours.