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Look for us in the front of the fleet

We’re only a few days before the sun reaches the tropic of Capricorn. The solstice marks the ultimate change of the seasons. For Goodall Design Worldwide -as for many of us- it’s a significant moment to look back on another prosperous year. Take the Belgian team PatrickDemesmaeker / Gilles Tas for instance. They became second in the F18 worlds. Or Leff Dahl/ Roger Boden who won the F18 Raid Worlds.

Patrick showed off his talent once more in the recent St. Barth Cata Cup with crew Olivier Gagliani and finished third overall. Demesmaeker was not only joyful with this result, but he pointed out that the Goodall Design catamaran helped him to leave full professional sailors behind. We only wonder: who’s next to bring in the medals?


Goodall Design Worldwide - ever lasting energy

To confirm the position of these unique catamarans and to prepare for more challenging commercial improvements in this global village, Goodall Design adapted her business strategy over the last months. Understandably, the goal is to realise all kind of means to grow, not only as a brand, as a product, but also as an easy to buy and easy to sail boat worldwide. The commercial activities are concentrated for now on in the centre of Europe at the Belgian branch of Goodall Design Worldwide. Technical design and development remains in Australia. Everyone involved will be able to focus on his talents.

The company leans on the experience keeping the personal initial qualities of every key team member in mind. Immediately afterwards we concentrated on the production and delivery issues. Everyone – from dealers to sailors – responded positively to this new way of working .


As we speak, we are focussing on Inventory management and more dedicated service to all Goodall Design dealers. We also look at the commercialisation in pace of the shifts in the global economic situation. That will lead us to the steps to come: developing new boats and unseen services.

Along the way, we include Goodall Design catamarans as a brand in a world-wide awareness, both along the sailors and the professionals. That’s why we have chosen a new .net extension for both our email addresses and our website. This will lead everyone to

Together, we lift existing qualities, so our Goodall Design family can enjoy the eagerness to improve.