Wonderful Season

Great seasonal report from Goodall Design Team Saiors Pierre Le Clainche & Antoine Joubert!!


Antoine and I have sailed together for a while on different boats, projects and professional teams. We spent a lot of time training in Brittany on Formula 18. That is why, in 2016, we decided to come back with the aim of sailing the famous St Barth CataCup.

We trained hard during many years in many (cold and windy) places on different F18 boats. When we had to choose a new boat to prepare for the 2016 season we naturally opted for the C2 for it’s performance and versatility in whatever the sea and wind conditions.

We only had one race to get the boat and us ready to St Barth so we decided to sail the Catagolfe, a long distance race inside the beautiful Golfe of Morbihan. We won the race and felt the boat was just amazing! Fast and smart, nice and stiff. All was so pleasant that we knew we could fly calmly to St Barth without thinking too much about the boat. It will be ready, so we had to be ready as well!

Long distance racing is what we love the most. St Barth is a paradise for F18 sailors, 29°C of water and air temperature. It’s just the dream-like destination. We passed the baptism of fire the 1st sailing day with the tour of the island where we finished 2nd. Nice start! The other days were amazing for us, the C2 boat was extremely fast compared to other F18 boats. We finally won the St Barth CataCup with 15 points ahead Gurvan Bontemps and Benjamin Amiot, two of our best friends. Crazy regatta! The best ever done!

Excited and motivated by this result, we’d plan to carry on sailing the C2 for the 2017 Worlds and the World log-distance most famous Archipelago. We just need to find a financial support to help us enjoying our C2 sailing tour. 

Best regards from fulfilled French sailors,  

Pierre Le Clainche & Antoine Joubert