New for 2017

 At Goodall Design, we pride ourselves in producing the most evolved and complete catamarans on the market.

In addition to the exciting new 2017 Viper Facelift, 2017 will see a few changes to some other Goodall Design products.

Stay Adjusters

As of 2017 we will be supplying all boats with Ronstan Calibrated Turn buckles instead of StaMasters.


The Ronstan adjusters include a universal toggle that removes much of the bending moment that the staMasters transfer to the side chain plate during use. This will prolong the life of the stainless insert in the hull.


Please note that side stays to suit the StaMasters will still be available but will customers should notify the dealer of their needs.

Diamond Arms

Th Allen Diamond arms we have been using for over 10 years, will now be replaced with our own extrusion.

The Allen arms where satisfactory but we wanted to offer our customers a stronger, stiffer product that clamps into the mast fittings tighter with less wobble.


This upgrade will fit onto any current Goodall design boat and is available from your local dealer.

3d Printed Componentry

3d printing is the future and Goodall design intends to lead the industry into this new era.


2017 will see several structural and nonstructural items included with the boats.

Two such items are, new rudder lock up clips and a new fairing for the downhaul turning block on the back of the main beam.

The new rudder lock up clip will allow users to lock their rudders up a little higher than previous models and is produced from a UV stable plastic.


The fairings have been designed to eliminate any Cunningham friction that can be caused by the system catching/the underside of the bock.


Polyester Spinnaker Options

Although this is NOT new for 2017, we would like to remind sailors that polyester kites are available for both the C2 and Viper.

This is not standard material due to the lower durability of the cloth and is available from your dealer by special order.

New Viper Sails

All 2017 Viper Mainsails will have a small modification to their profile. The head width will increase from 950mm to 980mm. To maintain the same sail area, the leach is slightly straighter. Sail shape/depth is unchanged.

2017 Viper Jibs will follow the recent upgrade to the C2 jibs. Jibs have slightly less luff curve which results in a flatter entry and less drag. This jib was used at the 2016 F16 world championships by the winning team.

Corner Patches

Corner patches on the sails are now assembled using the “fan card” method. This creates a smoother surface and in the corners and better transition load in these areas.

Jib Clew Adjuster

All Jibs are being supplied with our own smart clew adjuster system. This offers 5 sheeting options for sailors in similar positions to the old style.