2017 Viper Facelift

Since 2008, Goodall Design has produced almost 300 VIPER catamarans and sold these into over 20 countries around the world. Now, after almost 9 years, the Viper is getting a new look.


New foredeck lines and bow profile are most obvious on the new Viper hulls, which will be available for delivery before the 2017 sailing season. 

“As the designers and sailors, we believe the VIPER still outperforms all other catamarans in the category and see no reason to significantly modify the underwater shape of the hull.” says Brett Goodall.

All hull modifications are cosmetic and have been approved by the Viper International Class Association so will be immediately accepted into all class events.

The locations of beams, beam bolts and chain plates have not changed, so new hulls will be interchangeable onto existing platforms. This will offer an upgrade option for current sailors.

The most exciting feature is all hulls will be manufactured with concessions built in to allow for an easy upgrade to the Flying Viper (more information on this to come in early 2017).