C2 on top in the Archepelago

C2 is the ultimate raidboat!

Rasmus and Tomas won 5 out of 6 legs to dominate the 2016 Stockholm Archipelago Raid. With a brand new 2016 spinnaker, the team showed the true speed and versatility of the C2 in the varying condition that is Raid Sailing.

Raid veterans Leff Dahl and Rodger Boden, stitched up second place, 9 points clear of 3rd.

Also the one top Swedish team that recently swapped away from the C2, did worse than normal. They regretted this decision and I’m sure we will see them back in the C2 camp before long!!!

Some great photos and results on the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/stockholmarchipelagoraid/