2016 European Special!

Be among the first in the world to receive a new 2016 Viper or C2.

Dealers throughout Europe are offering Super Specials on all pre-ordered 2016 model Vipers and C2s.

Pricing From:

Viper – 15,210€ Ex VAT Sale Now Over

C2 – 16,830€ Ex VAT Sale Now Over

Prices are Ex VAT and Ex Warehouse (BEL). Orders must be finalized by November 30th.

Contact your local dealer for more information.

Participating dealers:

European Distribution - Goodall Design Europe

Belgium - CataCare

France - SailFast

Germany - Sven Lindstadt Segeltechnik

Hungary - Jóhajó Yachting Pannonia Kft

Ireland - Goodall Design Ireland

Italy - Giovanni Fantasia

Netherlands - Patrick van der Vorst

Sweden - One Design Center

United Kingdom - Windsports UK