Where to Buy

Use the link below to find your closest trained Goodall Design representative. If there is not one in your region, contact Goodall Design Head Office and we will help you out.

Belgium / Commercial - Goodall Design Worldwide

Australia / Technical - Goodall Design Australia

Australasian Distribution / Australian sales - Goodall Design Australia

Australia (NSW) - Send it Sailing

Australia (Western Australia) - Windrush Yachts

Singapore - Prosail Asia

Hong Kong - Big Snake Marine

North American Distributor (Florida) - Fun in the Sun

GA (South) - Nigel Pitt

MS - Ken Boudreaux

MN (North-Mid) - Karl Brogger

Nova Scotia (Canada) - East Coast Catamarans

Quebec (Canada) - Max Marine Distribution

RI (Northeast) - Zim Sailing

TX (Texas) - 2 Wire Sailing

WA (Northwest) - West Coast Catamarans

European Distribution - Goodall Design Worldwide

Austria - Philipp Belcredi

Belgium - CataCare

France - SailFast

Germany - Sven Lindstadt Segeltechnik

Hungary - Jóhajó Yachting Pannonia Kft

Ireland - Goodall Design Ireland

Italy - Giovanni Fantasia

Netherlands - Patrick van der Vorst

Sweden - One Design Center

Switserland - H2O Sensations

United Kingdom - Windsports UK